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Parents & Family

First Year

The first year of college is an exciting time for Baldwin Wallace students and their families. For many individuals, it is a time of personal exploration when their values, opinions and presuppositions are developed and shaped.

During this time, your role may change with your student. Resources like BW's Family Connect newsletter offers opportunities to learn more about Baldwin Wallace.

Family Connect Newsletter

This free newsletter contains important dates, articles and helpful information for families of current first-year students. You will automatically receive the newsletter if your student provided BW with your email address. First-year articles include:

Countdown to College: Is Your Student Ready?

Connecting to BW

Co-curriculars Enrich College Life

Understanding First-Semester Dynamics

Managing Academic Difficulties

Academic Advisors Help Students Succeed

Questions Parents Can Ask Their Student During First Semester

Encouraging Positive Choices

Being Aware of Alcohol-Related Issues

Helping Your Student Stay Safe

Tips to Help Your Student Be Healthy

Supporting Your Student During Roommate Conflicts

Welcoming Your Student Home

Restrain or React: Should Families Get Involved?

Guidelines for Student Privacy

Building Connections: Fostering Community Through Awareness

Understanding Options for Financing College

Commuters are a "Driving Force"

Staying on Track for Graduation

Choosing a Major

Ten Mistakes in Picking a Major

Career Planning

Internships Encourage Real-World Learning

Mentoring Fosters Personal and Professional Growth

Experiential Learning

Service Activities Foster Career Preparation

Managing Stress and Test Anxiety

Preparing for the Second Year